Annual General Meeting
Registration for the annual general meeting for 9 June, 2022 in Sinch AB (publ) for individual shareholders

Shareholders who wish to attend the annual general meeting shall:
- be entered as a shareholder in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB on Tuesday 31 May, 2022 or, if the shares are registered in the name of a nominee, request that the nominee registers the shares in their own name for voting purposes in such time that the registration is completed by Thursday 2 June, 2022 and
- notify their intention to participate no later than Thursday 2 June, 2022.

Representatives for legal entities shall give notice to attend by phone at +46 (0)771 24 64 00 or by mail to the following address: Computershare AB, "AGM of Sinch AB, Box 5267, SE-102 46 Stockholm.

Individual shareholders shall state their personal details in the boxes below and choose “Registration”.

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Computershare AB administers the registration on behalf of Sinch AB (publ). The information you provide will only be used in conjunction with the annual general meeting and the necessary registration and processing to prepare the list of voters.